Kodiak, Alaska
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Charters From Vertigo

Charters from Vertigo mean you can get to far-off, wild places an automobile can’t reachNeed to get somewhere remote? We can do that! Charters from Vertigo mean you can get to far-off places an automobile or boat can’t access. Whether it be a cabin in the middle of nowhere or a village, we will accommodate your flight needs. The Beaver can carry up to 6 passengers and loads up to 1,500 lbs, depending on the destinations. The aircraft is equipped with an Alaska door allowing the transport of larger and bulkier items. Vertigo also operates a Piper Cherokee on wheels allowing us to service you to any runway in Alaska. This aircraft can hold up to 5 passengers or 1,000 lbs. Contact Vertigo for a reservation, or with any questions or comments you might have. Thanks for considering Vertigo for your upcoming adventure. We look forward to flying with you.
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